19/05/2016 - Gallery, Stephens House

Tree Abstract #1 Tree Abstract #3 Tree Abstract #2










My photo work at Stephens House is going well. I am building up a weekly library of documentary shots, which will form an image library and future legacy for the project. At the same time, I am thinking about artistic themes and am developing some ideas. I have posted a few more ‘arty’ architectural images of the Stephens House building and in this Gallery I include some ‘Tree Abstract’ photographs. They are movement images, taken on a slower speed, moving the camera through the selected tree. Choosing the right tree with the right spread of vertical and horizontal branches is critical and moving the camera at the right angle and speed is also vital. These photos take some time to do and I am very pleased that this is 100% in-camera work. No falsified, heavily ‘photoshopped’ images!! I hope that you like them. Six sets have been developed so far, with the aim of including some or all at exhibition.


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